Concept — District6 is a 10,000 sq ft co-working space in central Singapore where businesses from the physical world meet technology. District6 offers flexible & hassle-free memberships for flex desks, dedicated fixed desks, and private offices from 2 – 20 pax. On top of office facilities, District6 boasts a specialty coffee shop, Kurasu, and a 100-person events space where we hold a wide variety of events connecting technology, ideas and businesses.

In October 2018, InSitu Asia sold its shares and relinquished operating rights of District6 to Zero-Ten Park, a Japanese coworking management company.  District6 will be rebranded as The Company Singapore.

Design — Stylish and modern, black steel, wood elements and comfortable furniture were brought together to make District6 a social and aesthetically pleasing office space.

DevelopmentDistrict6 was conceptualised over two weeks and renovated over 4 weeks. Kurasu was brought in as an artisanal coffee maker to assist with the overall positioning of District6 as an up-market co-share office. Map


– Prime location in central Singapore
– size 10.000 square feet
– 24 offices, 4 meeting rooms, 5 telephone booths, 60 persons shared offices. Kurasu coffee shop and a large event space
– Located in City Hall, Odeon Towers, Central Singapore