Design — The master plan and design utilises pre-fabricated units: Domes, Tents and Cabins. These non-traditional accommodation types will be combined with local architectural talent to ensure that an appreciation and respect for local culture is evident in each unique design.

Development — Drift is an InSitu-developed brand that focuses on using innovative construction methods and locally-sourced natural materials to create aesthetically-pleasing hospitality developments that cater to domestic and international tourists. Apart from innovative construction methods and materials, Drift presents a fresh adventure concept that can be leveraged by a development for a definite value-add.


– Drift Payangan – 7000m2
– Size 7000m2
– 13 Domes and Tree Houses
– 5 Cabin suites
– Lounge
– Co-working facilities
– Balinese Restaurant
– Spa
– Organic gardens
– Banana plantation