The Concept — Origin Ubud was conceived with the idea of creating a modern sanctuary in the mystical urban wilderness of Ubud. The juxtaposition of Origin’s modernism set against its location on a quaint Ubud street ensconced by wilderness and local life allows the guests to experience the full exposure of Ubud’s charm and return to their personal sanctuary to rest and recharge for another full day of adventure.

Design — Origin Ubud was designed by Studiogoto . They specialise in maximising space, and revealing the full potential of a limited space. Studiogoto has come up with a clean look, paying close attention to sharp edges, clean finishes and bold colours which serves to maximises the beauty of Origin Ubud’s surroundings.  Studiogoto was awarded the silver award for Best Hospitality Design under 50 Rooms for Design Excellence Awards 2017.

Development — Origin Ubud was constructed in a span of 16 months, using rudimentary materials such as concrete, wood and other natural finishes. These natural elements pay tribute to the culture and origin of Ubud and Bali. The compound consists of 8 villas all with private pools; services include in-villa spa and dining. Map


– Prime location in central Ubud
– Size: 1900m2
– 8 pool villas with 10 bedrooms
– Spa & lounge facilities
– In villa dining
– Tripadvisor: Excellence Award 2018